Water pipelines along roads, drains creating menace in Kurseong

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29 Aug 2014

The innumerable pipes laid down by the PHE department of Kurseong for supplying water in town criss-cross drains and roadsides and their numbers are increasing with the passing of each day is causing a lot of problem to pedestrians.

The uncountable pipes that have been laid in a haphazard manner have started adversely affecting the drainage system of town since the drains become narrower while footpaths get congested. The pipes also obstruct the flow of waste water and garbage through the drains causing unhygienic conditions. During the dry season mostly, the drains emanate a foul smell that make residents vulnerable to all types of illnesses.

Further, the increase in the number of water pipes can also be seen along the roadsides and the railway line. This affects smooth movement of vehicles and disrupts train movements, not to forget the inconvenience caused to pedestrians. Railway sources have claimed the pipes have even led to derailment of the toy train on many an occasion.

Some town residents have alerted the municipality about this problem whereupon workers were dispatched to clear the drains, but the action had a temporary effect as the drains began getting clogged with rubbish and garbage almost immediately afterwards.

A road contactor named S Lama said a lot of problems crop up while repairing the roads and drains given the presence of the water pipes.

Kurseong Municipality personnel also acknowledged of facing problems while cleaning the drains. They admitted the piling up of garbage in the drains has become a cause of health concern.

The civic body had earlier planned to construct overhead tanks to resolve the problems of water pipelines crisscrossing the roads and drains, but the idea had to be shelved due to various reasons.

Caption :- Water pipes have jammed drains in Kurseong.

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