Burdwan Road in Kurseong desperate to see repairs

28 Aug 2014

Burdwan Road, which is also known as Dr. Kumar Road, is one of the major thoroughfares in the Kurseong town area. Unfortunately, such a vital road has remained in a deplorable condition since the last several months, despite it being of service to innumerable pedestrians and vehicles.

Innumerable portholes dot almost the entire length of the road that stretches for almost 600 metres to inconvenience drivers and pedestrians every time they have to use the road, with the problem compounding mainly during the monsoon season.

All potholes are filled with rainwater and even if there is no rainfall on a particular day, Burdwan Road appears as though the rains have targeted it leaving the remaining areas of town dry. Pedestrians need to be extra careful when using the road as a passing vehicle can drench them with dirty water stored in the potholes. Such a situation becomes a nightmare especially for school and college goers including office workers.

To complicate matters, most important facilities in town are located along Burdwan Road and they include the sub-divisional hospital, post office, police station and the BSNL office, to name a few. Further, transport syndicates have also set up office in the area while vacant spots beside the road are always crammed with vehicles jostling for parking space.

Kurseong Municipality chairman Samirdip Blon said the civic body is eager to start repair work of the road as soon as possible, but unexpected and prolonged bouts of rainfall play spoilsport. As soon as the monsoon season ends, the municipality intends to start repair work on a war footing, he said, adding the repair work has been taken up by a Kolkata-based company.

An additional problem has beset Burdwan Road since the last three months in that a water project has been initiated to necessitate the digging up of the roadside for laying pipes. However, due to a technical glitch, the project has been suspended at present, but the areas that have been dug up remain as they are creating further nuisance to pedestrians. A few people have also reportedly fallen into the ditches and injured themselves. (EOIC)


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