Hill TMC bats for tourism dev in Mirik, sans politics

The Eco Of India
Report by:
30 Jun 2014

Hill TMC’s Mirik committee president Anil Chettri said his party will take up the initiative to develop tourism in the region and will talk with the state government about it. He said the work related to the development and beautification of Mirik Tourism Centre should also be equally backed by the GTA. “This development is a departmental work for the benefit of the local people and there should not be any politics in it,” he stressed.

Chettri said the development of the center will be beneficial for hotel business, tourism and people associated with the centre in Mirik and as the ruling party, the TMC will do all it can to back it. “Our party has always been concerned with the development of the hills and for the development of tourism in Mirik. The GTA also should play an important role,” he added.

Chettri further said the committee will take the matter to the state government and has already submitted a deputation to Mirik BDO about the developments needed and to urge them to work for the benefit of the people. The committee is also preparing a deputation, soon to be submitted to the Mirik Municipality, he stated. “Our party believes the development meant for the people should reach the people and the profits through it should also be enjoyed by the people. Therefore, we are constantly working for overall development of the hills to bring peace, prosperity and democracy,” he emphasised.

He also informed the Hill TMC has already started discussion and is formulating a comprehensive plan for the unemployed youths. Other issues including health, employment and tea garden debacle are also within the radar of the party and is working on it on a priority basis, he added.


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