Mirik BDO conducts meeting with tourism stakeholders

The Eco Of India
Report by:
16 Jun 2014

Mirik BDO Raju Sherpa today called a meeting with stakeholders of the tourism sector including representatives of various government departments and NGOs at his office. The main aim was to discuss ways to beautify Mirik and promote tourism of the region in an effective way. The BDO said the administration is planning to beautify Mirik Lake by planting flowers across its periphery and will also revamp the Mirik Tourism Centre to its former glory.

Sherpa highlighted the importance of conservation of the lake’s ecosystem and its beautification. “We intend to plant various types of flowers around Mirik Lake to attract more visitors, apart from keeping it clean and healthy,” he informed. The BDO will also soon start work on repairing and rejuvenating the Mirik Tourism Centre that has been neglected for many years.

He said industry stakeholders and association representatives also voiced their opinions during the meeting on developing tourism in the region. “They will invest and collect plant and flower sapling of their own accord and conduct a plantation drive to give shape to the beautification plan. The selection of flowers and allotment of plots for flowers of one category around the lake will be conducted with the help of the Darjeeling United Floriculture Society. We will start the flower plantation drive from June 18,” informed Sherpa.

Discussions were also held on promoting the theme ‘Mirik Mero Ho’ (Mirik is my place) to spread awareness among the general public about the importance of tourism.

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