Tourist count increasing in Mirik

The Eco Of India
20 Apr 2014

Now that the Lok Sabha elections are over in North Bengal, Mirik is witnessing a large number of tourists visiting the place to enjoy the summers. The scenic beauty and cool temperature of Mirik makes it a popular tourist destination and the huge crowds of visitors here are justifying the claim. Tourists in large numbers annually visit Mirik to experience the fresh and cool sub-Himalayan air, take pleasure of boating, horse riding and trekking.

However, the tourist spot is currently reeling under the negligence of the concerned authority. Mirik Tourism Centre is not being able to give its best to the visitors as the infrastructural development works are still pending. Tourism industry has been thriving here just because of the striking natural beauty and the eye-catching lake, which attract the tourists in large numbers. The stakeholders of the industry are hopeful the development and beautification schemes which have been planned for the Mirik tourism centre will be initiated soon after the election results are announced.


003: Tourists enjoy horse riding in Mirik.

004: Boating at Mirik Lake.


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