Kurseong not safe for footpather’s.

Kurseong: 21st Feb’2014

A dangerous incident took place took at Kurseong town around 4.30 pm today, below hospital turning, where many people would have killed or injured.

A truck full of load, and was carrying extra top-up 20-25 bamboo load, while taking a a turn towards burdwan road swiped  many people walking or shopping at the vegetable shop and to take the turn the truck was backed which again injured a lady shopping there  and many people run for their life.

Mostly at that turning even the small vehicles takes big turns, so you can imagine how the scene was when the huge truck took the turning.

The incident proves that Kurseong is not safe for footpather’s, this is not the first incident but many has took place before.

There are many questions raised:

1. Should the traffic or local administrative allow big truck to ply at this rush hours or check on the load what is being carried into the heart of the town?

2. Should not the toll tax booth look into this or just collect tax?

3. Should not the traffic set a fixed timing for the big vehicles to ply as morning 7-9 am and evening 3-5 pm is a rush hours in Kurseong town, due to schools goers, office goers.

Today’s incident hopefully will repeat another day, and hope the traffic and local admin looks into matter seriously and also the people of Kurseong should come forward for the solution for this problem.



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