Awareness on Thalassemia

  • The Statesman
  • 12 Dec 2013

Kurseong College NSS unit to host programme on Thursday

Kurseong, 11 December
The way in which medical science is emerging, several fatal diseases which were previously impossible to cure can now be treated and cured but meanwhile medical sciences has also been discovering several new other fatal diseases and accordingly names of new diseases like HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis and many other illnesses which formerly did not exist have today troubled the world. Following the same trend, a new disease has come to the fore called Thalassemia which is reportedly a genetic virus.
Hence, in a bid to aware youths on this new disease, the Kurseong College N S S unit will host a programme on Thalassemia tomorrow at their college premises which is reportedly the first such awareness campaign to be held anywhere in the Hills.
N S S Kurseong College Unit officer Professors ~ Yogesh Khati and Srijana Rai ~ informed that they will medically check more than 150 students of the college for Thalassemia Virus which will be done by experts from the Thalassemia Control Unit, North Bengal Medical College, Siliguri.
Besides the awareness campaign on Thalassemia and medical check-ups, other activities like blood donation camps will be set up which be looked after by Volunteers Blood Donors Forum, Siliguri and Red Cross Society Kurseong in association with Kurseong Sub-divisional Hospital.
Professors Khati and Rai said that the main theme of the campaign is to bring about awareness on Thalassemia in the Hills which is also a fatal disease. They informed that out of many effects of Thalassemia, loss of blood clotting is one of them.
Since men are the main carriers of Thalassemia, the virus can quickly spread to their wives and to their children genetically. Hence before marriage, awareness on the disease should be made.
They requested that all unmarried youths of both the sexes take voluntary medical check-ups and attend the awareness campaign on Thalassemia.

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