CRPM chief alleges govt of violating human rights

Suggests GJM to knock HRC door
Report by:
10 Dec 2013

The Kalimpong branch of Comminist Party of Revolutionary Marxists today organised a conference at the GDNS Hall here to observe the International Human Rights Day. Addressing the function, party president and former MLA RB Rai launched attacks on the TMC led state government alleging it of violating human rights and also urged the GJM to take the issue to the Human Rights Commission.

“Even though the GTA agreement states that the old cases will be withdrawn, the government has jailed (GJM) activists and GTA Sabhashads in the same old cases. This is totally a violation of human rights. GJM should take the issue to the Human Rights Commission” asserted Rai. The CRPM leader, who was the chief guest for the function, said the government should have withdrawn the old cases, dating back to the period of GJM’s Gorkhaland agitation, but it breached the agreement arresting the activists and leaders under the same cases. He took a softer tone on the GJM saying its failure to raise the issue before the concerned authority could have a political compulsion. Citing section 9 of the World Declaration of Human Rights, he said the GJM will be given justice if it knocks on the HRC’s door.

The CPRM chief also expressed the utter necessity of human rights’ organisation in the Darjeeling hills while claiming the party has been raising voice against human rights violations, on its own initiative. He mentioned GLO chief Chattrey Subba was imprisoned for several years under the acquisitions of attacking Subash Ghising without any proof of his involvement, terming it an incident of human rights violation. Rai went on to say even the demand for Gorkhaland can be placed before the HRC as the right to self determination is guaranteed by the country’s constitution and has also been announced by the UN.

The conference also witnessed presence of Apanga Welfare Association president Chotelal Prasad, CPI (ML) leader RB Khatiwada, Tara Sundas of CPIM, Kumar Chamling form GJM, BGP Kalimpong branch president Dr. Saroja Rai among others. Presenting the inaugural speech CPRM vice president JB Rai shed light on the significance and importance of International Human Rights’ Day and appealed everyone to rise up above party politics for protection of human rights.


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