BGP, GTF to raise Gorkhaland issue on national level

10 Dec 2013

The Bharatia Ghorkha Parishang is set to organise a Gorkha Rally in Delhi on December 18 and 19, in association  with the Gorkhaland Task Force and several other social organizations.

Speaking over phone from Delhi GTF general secretary Munish Tamang said the rally will again raise the Gorkhaland issue in front of the government at a time when the national political scenario is witnessing a change. Tamang asserted: “The Gorkha rally will establish before the government that there is no alternative to formation of Gorkhaland.” He said the issue of Gorkhaland is being concealed because of some individuals and parties who are running after the GTA and Lok Sabha elections. He claimed that the temporary set up like GTA is only posing problems on the way of achieving a separate state. Revealing the organization’s plan to bring the issue to national level Tamang said, “We want the Gorkhaland issue to become a national agenda. BGP and GTF will also submit memorandum to the government demanding Gorkhaland.”

The GTF general secretary informed talks has already been held with BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi on the statehood issue and he has given positive assurances to the organization. He added the organization is also making efforts to urge various national parties to incorporate Gorkhaland issue in their election manifestos.


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