Pumped-up GNLF announces another public meeting

9 Dec 2013

The Gorkha National Liberation Front has received a big boost after its accord day celebrations in Simulbari on December 6 as there had been a huge gathering of supporters in attendance. The party today announced another public meeting to be held either in Mirik or Darjeeling. GNLF leaders again claimed party chief Subhash Ghising will be attending the meeting this time.

GNLF leader Arjun Rai said they will emphasise on Sixth Schedule status and its importance for the Gorkhas of the Darjeeling hills. He further claimed more than 25 per cent of the hill populace still supports the GNLF.

“Our president could march uphill any moment. He will make his move at the right time and the appropriate moment,” claimed Rai.

The hill TMC claimed 13 GJM-supporting families from Zimba Gaon have joined the party and the switchover took place in the presence of TMC leader Kamal Dewan. The new members said they had no access to several facilities even after remaining GJM supporters for seven years. “We have joined the TMC because we have realised the GJM can do nothing for us,” they said.


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