A ‘leaner’ police – aerobic expert pema chonzom roped in

 The Statesman

Gangtok, 31 October
Around 200 police officers and the other State Reserved lines personnel’s are set to emerge leaner, stronger.
If the aerobic expert of the town, Miss Pema Chonzom, has her way with the city’s lawkeepers, the force would emerge not only physically fitter, but also more agile mentally and, it is hoped, that much more efficacious.
Since September 2012, the State reserved Lines personnel are being trained by the aerobic expert Pema Chonzom with an objective of attaining high standard of Physical fitness, which is a basic requirement of the Police Force” says Mr Prawin Gurung, Senior Superintendent of Police, State Reserved Lines.
“We felt that policemen in our force need more agility and flexibility. They not only needed training to combat mental stress but also needed to go through a strict and disciplined physical training schedule. Hence, we tied up with Pema,” adds Mr Gurung.
“Prior to this the police personnel of the Police headquarters were involved in regular Traditional Physical training, but the aerobic is more interesting added the benefit of the music. Moreover, the exercise of the aerobics maximises the flexibility of more body parts and is more beneficiary which also breaks the monotony and motivates the force to maintain a high standard of physical fitness” informed the senior SP.
The senior SP who came up with this initiative has decided to continue with the training that happens twice and sometimes thrice a week, advancing the level of engaging an equipment called aerobic steps.
Constables of the headquarters said they have started losing weight. Moreover, they are being deprived of many ailments caused due to aging.
They gather on every Tuesday and Friday at the Palzor Stadium at 6 in the morning and tune into the music shaking their hips and legs till 7. 30 at the Palzor Stadium. “As a participant, I can honestly say that I feel less stressed. In fact, I now have the energy to take on more responsibility and have some fun too,” said a woman constable stationed at the Police headquarters.


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