CPM blames GJMM of allowing ruling party to build base at their expense.

The Statesman

Darjeeling, 28 October
A day after the GJMM chief, Mr Bimal Gurung had accused the state chief minister Miss Mamata Banerjee of attempting to sow schism within the Gorkha community, the Hill unit of the CPI-M today blamed the GJMM for the same.
“The adventurist brand of GJMM politics has helped the ruling party to build bases at their expense. The TMC keeps gaining ground, using the tomfoolery of the GJMM leaders up to the hilt,” said a senior Hill-based Marxist leader, Mr KB Wattar. “We had asked the GJMM to focus on development. But they revived the statehood stir and paralysed the Hills for 35 days. Economy, education, trade crumbled and the people, particularly, the wage workers and the farmers, were at the receiving end. The people are now swelling the ruling party’s ranks out of frustration, to get respite from the anathema of shutdown politics,” he said.
“The people would suffer again as the TMC and GJMM are set to fight ~ one to protect its turfs from being encroached and the other to build its own turf at the expense of the preponderant party. This might engulf the Hill into another bout of turmoil,” the Marxist leader warned.
In the same breath, he supported the GJMM for changing tacks. “It is good that right sense has dawned upon them. They are now on the right track, focusing on development and saying no to bandhs,” he said.


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