Attempt to steal GJMM’s thunder.

The Statesman

Siliguri, 28 October
Apparently, to take the thunder out of the GJMM, now planning to pressure Delhi by a series of sit-ins from 22 December, some pro-Gorkhaland parties and outfits would arrange a three-day National Gorkha Rally at Ramlila Maidan in the capital from 17 December.
While the GJMM president, Mr Bimal Gurung said yesterday that the sit-ins in Delhi would involve presence of thousands from the Hills under Bengal, Northeast and the rest of India, the president of Bharitiya Gorkha Parishang Mr Enos Das Pradhan, today said the pro-Gorkhaland organisations would come under a unified platform to resuscitate the movement for Gorkhaland.
The formation of a new body and its programmes would be announced from Ramlila Maidan rally, he informed. Tearing into the GJMM, Mr Das Pradhan said the party has been following a dubious strategy of enjoying the loaves and fishes through the GTA and shedding crocodile tears for Gorkhaland.
“But this hypocrisy would land them nowhere,” he warned. “The party might beguile themselves into an illusion that the people are still with them by flaunting the turnout at yesterday’s rally. But the reality is different. Those who attended the GJMM public rally returned home, embittered by the party having debunked the paramount cause of the Hills for a handful of silvers,” he added.
Echoing the same, a senior AIGL leader Mr Laxman Pradhan, said: “The pall of fear is yet to be lifted. People join the GJMM rallies to avoid persecution. Some are jumping ships and joining the Trinamul Congress as they know how best their breads can be buttered,” he said, adding patience is his party’s watchword now, with the GTA turning a shadow of the discredited DGHC.


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