District RSP holds state govt responsible for current doldrums in Darjeeling

The Statesman

Siliguri, 7 August
The Darjeeling district unit of the Revolutionary Socialist Party held the state government responsible for the current doldrums in the Darjeeling Hills.
The chief minister, out of sync with the emotions of the Hill people, keeps bungling with the tangle, they said.
Veteran RSP leader, Mr Binay Chakraborty said his party salutes the emotions of the people in the Hills.
“But their demand cannot be supported because of the confusion lingering over their citizenship status. Nobody knows whether they are Indian Gorkhas or Nepalese Gorkhas. No sensible person can support the statehood demand when it is not certain that the people in the van of the movement are genuine
citizens of the country,” he said. “Besides, a state comprising three sub-divisions of a district is not feasible. It would not be economically viable too,” he said.
He further said the strategic location of the Darjeeling Hills has made it vulnerable to international intrigues.  “Flanked by Nepal, Bhutan and China, it figures importantly in the strategic map of India,” the RSP veteran said.
Another senior RSP leader, Mr Tapas Goswami said the present mess is the result of the chief minister, lacking in political acumen to deal with such tricky angles.  “She has to prove that she is really ‘rough and tough’ as she boasted in Darjeeling in January,” he said. “Yet, if she chooses to act dictatorial, it would aggravate tension,” he also said. “She seems to have got muddled in her own tricks,” he further added. He also said that the issue out of the tangle lies in
sufficiently attuning herself with the peculiarity of the Hill sentiment. “The state government should immediately call an all-political party meeting and act on the spirit of consensus across the political divide,” Mr Goswami also added.

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