‘Election of GTA executive should be within rules’

The Statesman

meeting held to overcome crisis and decide on steps to elect a new chief

Siliguri, 4 August
The GJMM leaders said they would not allow the state to conduct election of the new chief executive of the GTA, in case of a vacancy, if it does not follow the rules.
After resignation of Mr Bimal Gurung as the GTA chief executive, chief minister Miss Mamata Banerjee, who deals with Hill affairs department, held a meeting in Kolkata yesterday with the top officials to overcome the crisis in the office of the GTA and about the next administrative course of action to elect a new chief executive following the state of affairs in the Hills.
Notably, a new chief executive shall be elected at a meeting of the Sabha within one month from occurrence of such vacancy, according to rules.
The state government reportedly has planned to conduct election for a new GTA chief.
A senior GJMM leader, Mr Jyoti Rai, said: “The state government can forcibly conduct election of a new chief executive. If the state does so, it will be illegal. The state will have to follow the rules and there is enough time till 28 August from the date of resignation of the GTA chief. We will make clear our stance on the GTA issue shortly.”
Mr Rai said: “A new chief executive would be elected amongst the existing elected members of the GTA. Mr Ramesh Alley is still functioning as deputy chief executive of the GTA.”
“I cannot say whether all other members of the GTA would step down because the party’s next course of action regarding the ongoing statehood movement is yet to be finalised,” he said.
According to rules (Article no 135), “the meeting shall be convened by the principal secretary of the GTA on such date and at such place and times as the government may fix.”


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