Trouble time for Darjeeling Hills school students

The Statesman

Dilemma over sending students home

Kurseong, 2 August – Even after the call by the GJMM Chief Mr Bimal Gurung directing all schools to send their boarders back to their respective homes, the school authorities in the Hills are still unable to follow his instructions.
It was learnt that Mr Gurung had directed respective school authorities in the Hills to send their boarding students back but even after several days of the announcement the boarders are yet to leave totally. Although some have gone, most of the students are still in their school premises.
The school authorities are in a dilemma and hoping that some new decisions regarding the announcement to leave is made.
Yesterday, Mr Joy Halder, the Rector of the St. Paul’s School in Darjeeling, said that it is difficult to send all the students within two days as we have more than 500 students among which more than 100 of them are from abroad.
Not only that, many students are from far flung places in the country itself hence to arrange for their return within two days when the bandh has been relaxed for just two days is a very difficult exercise. Whatever steps we take will be done with the safety of our children foremost in mind.
At the same time, the Himali Boarding School, Kurseong Director Mr Robindra Subba, said: “I have been receiving phone calls from worried parents after the call of the indefinite bandh. Some local students who were staying in the school hostel is being taken home by their guardians but almost all of them are yet to leave as we also have students from foreign countries studying here. To send them home within 48 hours is not possible,” he said.
He said: “We have accepted the stand taken by Mr Gurung but we also hope that a solution to our problem is found.”
students return home
Bagdogra, 2 August: With the intensified agitation for the Gorkhaland in Darjeeling, many students from different schools are returning homes.
A resident of Howrah, Mr Sanjay Sharma had gone to Darjeeling to take his son back home. “My son studies in class VII in St. Pauls School, Darjeeling. But we don’t want him to continue in this volatile situation,” Mr Sharma said.
Students of Dr Graham’s Home in Kalimpong also returned today. A class IX student, Lem Keshin, said he and his friends felt insecure staying in the school.“So we have decided to go back home in Shillong,” he said.
The situation was same at the NJP station also. A resident of Kalikapur, Kolkata, Mr Harisadhan Roy, said: “My son Soham Roy  is a student of Kurseong-based Goethel Memorial  Schooland he studies in class VIII. We are aware about the situation in Darjeeling, so I came here to take him back.”


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