CPRM ready to make common cause

The Statesman

Darjeeling, 2 August  – The collective emotions over Gorkhaland ignited by the UPA having given the nod to Telangana seem to have blurred the gulf of political/ideological differences between the GJMM and the CPRM. Making common cause with the GJMM, whom it keeps slamming for gagging dissent under the cloak of Gandhian axioms ~ the CPI-M breakaway group ~ today made it clear that it is with them on the emotive issue at this critical juncture. The party has, however, put a rider ~ the GJMM must strip itself of the legacy of GTA. The party’s youth wing today organised a demonstration at Chowk bazaar where they torched copies of the GTA to raise pitch for Gorkhaland.
“The GTA should be scrapped totally. We appreciate the move by the GJMM president, Mr Bimal Gurung resigning from the post as the GTA chief. But things are half done. Other members of the body should follow suit to express single-minded solidarity behind the long-suppressed cause of Gorkhaland,” said the secretary of the CPRM youth wing, Mr Arun Ghatani.
Traffic came to a grinding halt and things remained so for about half an hour. Some senior GJMM leaders were found watching the stir by the second largest party in the Hills with which it sparred on several occasions in support of the cause of Gorkhaland from the balcony of its Darjeeling town office at Chowk bazaar.
The CPRM leaders said the GJMM is now on the right tracks. “We will not bow down before the repressive policies of the state government whatever the consequences. Our fight for our legitimate right will go on. We, the youths, will not be found wanting,” said another leader of the party’s youth affiliate.
The CPRM leaders placed three points ~ the GTA must be done away with, three MLAs from the Hills must quit and the Darjeeling MP Jaswant Singh must be accounted for his deafening silence when the Hills he represents in the country’s top legislature is on the boil.
Welcoming the CPRM hitting the streets in support of the emotive demand, the GJMM’s assistant general secretary, Mr Binay Tamang said all the Opposition parties in the Hills should join the movement.
A senior CPRM leader, Mr Govind Chhetri said over phone that his party would be with the GJMM if the movement is run on democratic lines.
Mr Bimal Gurung has recently announced that the Opposition parties can join the movement with their respective party flags.

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