‘need for all-party meet’

The Statesman

darjeeling unit of cpm concerned over agitation for state of gorkhaland

Siliguri, 1 August -The Darjeeling district CPI-M demanded an all-party meeting be convened to address the current turmoil in Darjeeling. The party expressed concern over the volatile situation across
the Hills.
“We think an all-party meeting should be convened immediately to defuse tension. Even the representatives from the Centre and the senior officials from the state government can be invited. The presence of the GJMM is a must. Neither they nor the state government can shirk off their share of responsibilities for the current turmoil. To defuse tension is the collective responsibility of all the parties, the Centre and the state government,” said the former state urban development minister and senior CPI-M leader, Mr Asok Bhattacharya at a Press meet in Siliguri today.
“Our party is against bifurcation of any state on the basis of language. Such concession tends to open the Pandora’s box with unease spilling over into other parts of the country. However, we are at one with the chief minister that the Centre has prodded the GJMM to re-launch stir for Gorkhaland,” he said.
“Tension must be defused through dialogue. Besides, the GTA should be allowed to work free from the state’s interference,” Mr Bhattacharya said.
Tearing into the state government, the Marxist leader said they have given a roundabout recognition to the Gorkhaland demand by incorporating a particular clause under GJMM pressure in the GTA Agreement.
“It was clearly stated that the GJMM has agreed to accept the GTA without dropping the demand for the separate state. Now the state government is rightly at the receiving end of the renewed clamour for Gorkhaland,” he added.
When asked about the proposed all-party meeting on the Hill crisis, the north Bengal development minister, Mr Gautam Deb refused to comment.
“We want the GTA to be strengthened. Mamata Banerjee’s stance is clear. We will oppose division of Bengal tooth and nail,” he added.

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