Sikkim leader pitches protest to defend national identity

The Statesman

Gangtok, 23 July
A prominent youth leader of the ruling Sikkim Democratic Front, Mr Nawin Kiran today asked the Sikkimese people to defend their national identity in the context of the writ petition filed at the Supreme Court by eight old settlers of the Indian origin having put their national identity
under question.
The Association of the Old Settlers of Sikkim filed a writ petition in the Supreme Court, asking for Income Tax exemption for the community of the old settlers on par with those holding the Sikkim Subject Certificates.
“We will expose the person who has prodded these eight old settlers to file the petition,” said the former president of the All Sikkim Educated Self- Employed and Unemployed
“This is the time to speak up or it will be too late. It is right to fight over one’s rights. However, to insult others for personal benefit is unjust,” he said addressing a press conference.
He further said he might form a new platform to mobilise the common people on this sensitive issue.
“We will approach the Apex Court if necessary. This is not just a matter of Income Tax exemption, but it is concerned with the rights of each and every Sikkimese. We must fight the issue collectively,” added Mr  Kiran.
The controversy has been raging in Sikkim since the contents of the writ petition came to the light in
the state.


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