Sikkim bridge in bad condition

The Statesman

Namchi, 23 July – A foot bridge connecting villages in south Sikkim is lying in a dilapidated condition, risking the lives of those locals who use it
The suspension bridge spans the Rangit river and its support cables can break at any moment, which poses a high risk to the villagers of Poklong Kamrang gram panchayat unit in South District, who cross it regularly. People use the bridge for daily tasks such as going to office and to school.
Zilla panchayat funds were used to renovate it in 2009, but repairs have been in vain. Some villagers even tried to repair the worn-out bridge with bamboos recently, but even that ploy came a cropper.
The bridge helps people from the villages of Chepak Kharka, Harabotey, Tokal, Samatar, Upper Samtar and Lower Nandugoan to reach Rothak and Jorethang.
The Rural Management and Development Department, under whose charge the structure falls, has not showed any interest so far in repairing it once and for all. Villagers complain that the department has taken no further action after the renovation carried out in 2009.
“The villagers tried to repair this bridge themselves several times. But its present dilapidation is beyond our reach, and the authorities concerned will open their eyes only after a major accident,” said a local.
Villagers have now appealed to the department for a steel bridge, but in vain.


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