GJMM youth wing to write to Gurung to quit GTA


Kurseong, 19 July
The GJMM youth wing has decided to submit a memorandum to its chief, Mr Bimal Gurung to demand that the party should quit the GTA immediately and revert back to its single agenda for carving Gorkhaland out of West Bengal.
The GJMM youth wing general secretary, Mr Priyavardhan Rai said that the GTA will not be able to solve the problems being faced by the Hill’s people. “Only the separate state of Gorkhaland can bring happiness and prosperity for the Hill people. Hence, we have decided to revive the statehood demand. Soon we will write to our chief, Bimal Gurung, asking him to disentangle the party from the GTA obligations and go the whole hog to achieve Gorkhaland ~ the paramount demand of the Hills,” he added.
He further said that they would meet him after the panchayat election is over. “He is now pre-occupied with the rural poll campaigning in the Dooars. Once he returns to Darjeeling, we will serve the letter to him,” Mr Rai said.
Mr Rai also informed that they would stage awareness campaigns in support of Gorkhaland across the Hills. “Besides, we will put banners and hoardings at several places in the Hills. We will also collect donations from those committed to the cause from both the villages and the towns,” he said.
Though it is supposed that the youth wing has decided to revive the statehood demand with Mr Gurung’s connivance, it is doubtful whether other senior leaders of the party who are holding important positions in the GTA would agree to the demand that the party should quit the GTA to throw full weight behind the stir.
“It is true Mr Gurung would continue engineering such stirs through the party’s several affiliates in the coming days with the Telangana trajectory moving fast. But it will be difficult for him to quit the GTA at one go. It will mean reverting back to an all-out confrontation with the state government ~ a course the party would be reluctant to take in view of the Madan Tamang murder case having reached the Supreme Court. Besides, the lure of power and money will be hard to get over,” an observer said.


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