15 crore to be spent for beautification

Siliguri, 18 July- The North Bengal Development Department (NBDD) and the Siliguri Jalpaiguri Development Authority (SJDA) will spend around Rs 15 crore for the beautification of Siliguri.
The north Bengal development minister, Mr Gautam Deb, said they would launch a slew of projects for the beautification of the town.
“There has been a perennial problem of water logging at Saktigarh area. A proper drainage system will be introduced there so that water logging can be avoided,” Mr Deb said in Siliguri today.
“The project cost will be around Rs 6 crore,” Mr Deb said.
“This apart, we are planning to set up Rabindra Mancha at Saktigarh. It will cost around Rs 2 crore. The mancha will have a modern look and it will  also have modern sound system facilities,” Mr Deb also added.
He said both the NBDD and the SJDA would spend Rs 2 crore for the beautification of the Kiranchandra burning ghat.
“Fencing will be erected at the Bagha Jatin Park. It will cost around Rs 50 lakh. There will be a mastic road between Hasmi Chawk and Asi Ghar More,” Mr Deb said.
“This will cost around Rs 2.5 crore,” Mr Deb added.
Talking about the ongoing stalemate at Siliguri Municipal Corporation (SMC), Mr Deb slammed both the Congress and the Left Front for this.
“It is surprising that the Congress has been skipping the monthly board meeting in the Congress-led civic body,” Mr Deb said.
“On the other hand, the Left Front is demanding fresh election but it is beyond my imagination why then the Left Front is not bring the no trust against the Congress led board,” Mr Deb added.


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