The Himalayan black bear’s attack

The Statesman
Gangtok, 5 July
For the past few years, the Himalayan black bears have been attacking certain villages like Simik, Aritar, Lingzey, and Rongethang in the Khamdong-Singtam Constituency.
The black bears have already injured two villagers badly in the last year. The herd of bears reportedly entered the villages this year as well. A villager informs that the prevalence of the animal is high during this season as they are attracted by crops like maize, vegetables like cucumber and fruits like pears.
The villages are mostly amidst or surrounded by the thick forest area enhancing the fear and risk of attack amongst the villagers, and students who have to walk through the forest area.
Locals are more worried despite several complaints to the concerned department of the forest every year as the attack becomes inevitable during the month of June to July due to lack of response from the authority. The crops destroyed completely by the bears are not being compensated. “Cultivating crops has been futile as it is being all eaten by the bears every year,” said one of the villagers.


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