Telephones at New Jalpaiguri railway station out of service

The Statesman

Siliguri, 5 July
The emergency service telephones for inquiry at New Jalpaiguri (NJP) Railway station were out of service since yesterday.
The telephone services were restored this evening when the matter was informed about the position to the area manager Mr PP Seal, this afternoon.
The dial number 131 for urgent inquiry, when contacted, was reported to be  out of service for mechanical reasons since yesterday.
The number 138 was also in the same position.
Even the land line telephone number 2691800, at NJP inquiry was not functioning.
Mr Seal said that he would inquire into the matter and asked to be contacted later.
Mr Seal started checking all telephone numbers for inquiry at NJP Railway station this evening and informed that all telephones were working properly.
Though he claimed that the number 131 is now working only for the railway network and ordinary people would not be able to contact 131 from their mobile phones and other land phones, at present 131 is still working when contacted from land phone and cell phone out of railway network.
According to Mr Seal, another emergency service no. 139 is now for information instead of 138, which was functioning earlier.
Interestingly, when contacted over phone on 131, the inquiry staff of NJP Railway station who received the call, informed about the present problem and said: “Passengers are confused about the automated ‘wrong’ report on the position of telephones when more than one telephone is engaged.”
The area manager, New Jalpaiguri, Mr PP Seal, also informed that passengers would be able to contact on the following numbers ~  2691800, 2691808 and 2691555 ~ for inquiry.


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