GNLF threatens retaliation if GJMM ‘fascism’ continues

The Statesman 

Kurseong, 5 July
The GNLF leadership based in Kurseong threatened that they would pay the GJMM back in their own coin if the preponderant party of the Hills continues with their strategy of muscle-flexing vis-à-vis the Opposition.
Mocking at the GJMM’s avowing by the canons of Gandhism, a senior leader of Subash Ghising’s party said they would also practice the same variety of Gandhian non-violence the GJMM has been doing and would not hesitate to retaliate. “We know how to reciprocate attack with attack,” the GNLF leader said.
He further said that his party had never disturbed the GJMM rallies or meetings since the GJMM emerged in 2008. “We initially supported them as the goal of both the parties was the same ~ Gorkhaland. But later, when they betrayed the paramount aspiration of the people and accepted GTA which is unconstitutional, we have revived the demand for the 6th Schedule status for the Hills as this is the best option for the Hills presently,” he added.
The GNLF leader further said the GJMM activists have not just assaulted them but have ransacked and torched their residences at several places. “And they have been doing this in the name of the Gandhian postulates of non-violence. But ours is a party wedded to democracy. However, things are going beyond the threshold of tolerance,” he added.
The GNLF spokesperson, Mr Daya Dewan, said their party is not as powerful as it formerly used to be.
“However, things are looking up for us now, as the GJMM has let the people down,” he said.
“People disenchanted with the GJMM are swarming back to our party which they think as the only credible platform left in the Hills,” he added.


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