Complaint lodged with Kurseong PS under violation of Right to Education Act

The Statesman
Kurseong, 5 July
A complaint was filed with the Kurseong police station under violation of the Right to Education Act 2009.
The secondary teacher’s organisation of the GJMM, the Janmukti Secondary Teachers Organisation (JSTO) in association with the GJMM student wing Vidhyarthi Morcha, filed a complaint in Kurseong PS against a school authority regarding their alleged violation of the Right to Education Act. The JSTO, Central Committee president, Mr Navraj Chettri, and it’s senior representative Mr Nirmal Kumar Pradhan, said that a famous school in Kurseong has violated the education rights of children which we have condemned.
“As a protest, we have filed a complaint with the police administration and if need be we are also willing to file a case in the higher court to fight for justice and in this case the right to education has been trampled upon,” Mr Chettri said.Mr Pradhan said that however, sources said that a lot of girl students have been transferred from the school in the midst of the present session among which we have two such transfer certificates with us. The two students were studying in class VIII and IX respectively. While one of them is a resident of Pelling, West Sikkim, the other is from Pedong, Kalimpong.
He said: “How can such a reputed school act with such irresponsibility when they know that the society at large here in Kurseong look upto them for the education of their wards?”
“Issuing such transfer certificates or transferring them with aplomb, that too in the middle of year, warrants serious thinking from the part of the school authorities.”“We will not tolerate such violation of basic education rights of the girl students who has had to bear with the consequence of having to drop their education midway.” Mr Pradhan said: “Interestingly, all the students are either orphans or from broken families.
These students have been looked after by the authorities in shelter homes that they themselves run.
Suddenly, the shelter home was closed down and these students transferred, leaving these children at a crossroad with no home to call their own and education less.”He suggested that instead of issuing transfer certificates the school authorities should have contacted the guardians to ask them to take responsibility of the respective students and help with the continuation of their education. “Even recently, during the meeting between the Kurseong SDO, School authorities and the GTA Women and Child Welfare Department, it was decided that even if the shelter home is closed down for the time being, the education of these children will not be compromised. But now, how is that the education of these children is being hampered by the same authorities?” he said.
Mr Bhanu Chettri from Sikkim, uncle of one such affected student said: “I was called to the school where I was given the transfer certificate of my niece without being given any proper reason. I was just told that the shelter home where she lived is going to be repaired and hence to take her to my place in Sikkim.” The IC, Kurseong Police, Mr Robin Thapa, said: “We received a diary on the violation of education rights today and will send it to the concerned authorities.” When contacted, the school authorities could not be reached for comments.

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