Central Referral Hospital proposes three options to state government

The Statesman 

Gangtok, 4 July
Considering the hardship faced by the public in the STNM Hospital, the Central Referral Hospital (CRH) has proposed to the state government three options to mitigate the troubles of the common man.
The Medical Superintendent, Mr Samsher Singh of the CRH, addressing a Press conference, today said: “The CRH is not being empanelled by the State Government, the Health Department in spite of several communications with the decision-making persons”. The CRH has proposed to the state government for 60 beds to be provided in the CRH premises which is to be operated by the STNM hospital. CRH officials have said that the CRH will operate one ward with 60 beds on behalf of the STNM Hospital. They have also said that they want the ban on referral to CRH for the certain period to be lifted, considering the increase in sickness rate and bed crisis. “The Sikkim government considered the proposed three options for implementation for two months to cover the period of seasonal sickness rate, and we will be providing facilities without any charge for this period” stated the MS.
“The Health Department has been intimated that since the CRH has been converted into a Super Specialty Hospital to set up a mechanism for the super Special Referral to CRH, however, they are being referred to hospitals outside the state incurring heavy loss on the state government,” added Mr Singh. Since its inception, it has been provided with grants aid of Rs 2.5 crore every year. But the Institution is yet to receive Rs 16.13 crore. With the setting up of infrastructure, the people of Sikkim will be able to have open heart surgery by the end of September and cancer treatment by the next financial year. The people will have the facilities at par with the best in the country at their door step and at an affordable rate, yet the government is not considering the CRH for Super Specialty referral” added Mr Singh.
The MS said: “The state government is spending more than 1 lakh by referring patients out of state when my estimation say that similar treatment can be rendered at Rs 50,000 in CRH,” added Mr Singh. Moreover, we are ready to treat the patient at the Central government rate. If the Sikkimese people are being treated at the lowest rate at any hospital, then we are ready to treat them at the same rate. However, a decision from the department is not yet finalised. The citizens are being forced to go out of the state to avail the facilities which they have at the doorstep”. “The hospital has incurred a loss of Rs 64 crore, and is getting no money, yet we have been providing concessions to the people of Sikkim,” he added.


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