State rights panel to issue order to NBMCH on medical negligence case

The Statesman 

Siliguri, 3 July
The West Bengal Human Rights Commission will issue orders to the medical superintendent of North Bengal Medical College and Hospital (NBMCH) after a Darjeeling-based legal forum appealed to the commission after a four-year-old boy lost his vision in his left eye following a surgery.
The members of the forum met the chairman of the commission, Mr Justice Asok Kumar Ganguly, in Kolkata on Tuesday.
The forum had filed a complaint to the National Commission for Child Protection, New Delhi, against the NBMCH for alleged medical negligence.
The left eye of the four-year-old Rupam Roy, a resident of South Colony, was injured after a sharp bamboo object went into his eye. The eye was operated three times by doctors of NBMCH in January but it did not yield any positive result. The object was reportedly removed after the boy was taken to an eye hospital in Nepal. But his eye was already damaged and Rupam lost his vision.
The forum also appealed to the commission after a woman from Siliguri, who had been working as a maid at a house of a senior government official, was allegedly raped by the official on 14 February.
The woman had been allegedly threatened after she filed an FIR at Siliguri Women Police Station.
The registrar of the rights commission, Mr Rabindranath Samanta, said the commission would also issue an order to the police commissioner.
Mr Samanta said the orders state that both the medical superintendent Dr Sabyasachi Das, and the police commissioner Mr K Jayaraman, will submit their reports within three weeks after receiving the orders.

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