Heroin seized

The Statesman

Darjeeling, 2 July
The Darjeeling police has seized 19 grams of heroin from the two arrested locals ~ Pravesh Tamang (25) and Tshering Sherpa (24) ~ both dropouts from the rehabilitation centre. They were arrested individually from the railway station and the motor stand of Darjeeling.
“We had been tracing their activities from a long time and were waiting for the right time to send them to jail. Acting on a tip-off, we came to know that they were bringing the packet of drugs to Darjeeling. We arrested them red-handed and booked them under Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act, 1985,” said Mr LT Bhutia, Inspector in-charge of the Darjeeling police station.
It has been learnt that these drug dealers split each grams to at least ten sachets naming it podiyas. The cost of one podiya amounts to Rs 200-250. “The seized heroin probably costs Rs 38,000 to Rs 47,500 in the market. Their buyers are mostly students and drop-outs,” said police.


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