Training for abandoned calf

The Telegraph

Alipurduar, June. 9: A four-month-old male elephant calf is being sent to Jaldapara National Park from Bankura district for training after it was abandoned by its herd in Kulpukur village on Wednesday.

According to a forest source, on Wednesday morning four adult jumbos and a calf had entered Kulpukur village in Bankura district.

After seeing the herd, local people started pelting stones at the jumbos and started chasing them. As a result, the elephants fled and entered Panchet forest division, around 4km from the spot, leaving the calf behind. The villagers then tried to feed the calf grass and started playing with it.

When the foresters, reached the village, they tried to send the calf back but the herd did not accept it.

On Thursday, the calf was brought to Bishnupur beat office campus.

Kumar Bimal, the divisional forest officer of Panchet division said: “The calf is at Bishnupur beat office and is doing well. We do not have any kunki or mahout to take care of the calf. It needs quality schooling to become a good kunki and is being sent to Jaldapara for training.”

Almost 10 calves have been trained in Jaldapara in the past five-years.

Vipin Sood, the chief conservator of forest, wildlife (north), said: “Today two staff members from Jaldapara left for Bishnupur. The calf is expected to reach Jaldapara by Wednesday.”


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