Doctors told to keep copies of prescriptions

The Times Of India

KOLKATA: Doctors at state-run hospitals have been asked to use a carbon paper while writing prescriptions. The copy has to be submitted to the heads of the department. The decision was taken at a meeting at SSKM Hospital on Wednesday to ensure that doctors write generic names of drugs in their prescriptions.

Chief minister Mamata Banerjee had visited the fair price medicine store in March after reports poured in that doctors were not prescribing generic drugs. She had even taken away some prescriptions that had on them brand names of drugs. But then, the doctors could not be traced as the signatures could not be identified.

“From now on, doctors of all hospital with fair price shops have to submit a carbon copy of the prescription to the department head,” said minister Madan Mitra, who was present at the meeting along with minister Firhad Hakim and representatives from the police and health department.

Mitra added that steps are being taken to ensure that devices like stents can be supplied from the fair price shops at a discounted rate. All government hospitals now have fair price shops where generic medicines are sold at a rebate up to 60%.


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