GNLF expanding base in Kurseong sub-division

The Statesman

KURSEONG 16 APRIL: Once again, several preparations are on by the GNLF activists to strengthen and revive its party activities in the hills.

It was learnt that from his Jalpaiguri residence, the GNLF chief, Mr Subash Ghisingh recently selected and announced the names of three conveners for the three hill sub-divisions. The three convenors have been identified as Mr Maurice Kalikote from Kalimpong, Mr M G Subba from Darjeeling and Mr Nima Lama from Kurseong.

A GNLF leader from Kurseong said: “Our chief, Mr Ghisingh, recently announced the names of three conveners for the three sub-divisions of Darjeeling hills and presently, several preparations and meetings are on at different places in the hills to form new GNLF village committees. Later, after the completion of the village committees and different GNLF units, there will also be formation of branch committees under the direction of the chief.”

The GNLF leaders also claimed that Mr Ghisingh is the only leader that brought awareness among the Gorkha community by coining the term “Gorkhaland” to fight for Gorkha identity. He was the first to make the Hills an autonomous region by forming the Darjeeling Gorkha Hills Council (DGHC). Later every political parties in the hills have used the word “Gorkhaland” to seek support from the hills populace for their personal benefits but there is not one single sincere leader amongst them. However, presently our main aspiration is implementation of the Sixth Schedule in the hills and after that the separate state of Gorkhaland within the Indian Union. Once the Sixth Schedule is in place, statehood will automatically come to Darjeeling Hills like a dog coming to its master wagging its tail.

He also said that with the help of the GJMM, the State Government is forcefully trying to apply the unconstitutional GTA Sabha in Darjeeling Hills, which they have claimed that it will not allow it to happen. Hence they are preparing their different political activities this time to come to the streets against the GTA Sabha and in favour of the Sixth Schedule status for the hills.

Notably, the erstwhile powerful GNLF party that held sway over the entire hills for more than two decades are holding its organisational meeting at various places in the hills for the past one month to strengthen the party activities and its further strategies to win back the public. Besides these, the party has also been signing in new members. It is probably the first time that such activities on a huge scale is being undertaken by the GNLF since its supremo Subash Ghisingh was outs in 2008 from Darjeeling Hills.


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