Bengal mountaineer to climb Mt Makalu

The Times Of India


KOLKATA: DipankarGhosh a mountaineer is now attempting to climb Mt Makalu which is 27,767 ft high and for that he started on Friday from his Howrah home. Ghosh who works as an asistant advisor of the West Bengal Mountaineering & Adventure Sports Foundation will take about two months time to climb up Mt Makalu, which Edmond Hillary had climbed in 1954 after initially failing in 1953.

Bengal youth affairs minister Aroop Biswas said that it will cost about Rs 8.75 lakh for this expedition and the state government is providing a financial support of Rs 2.5 lakh. He said that Ghosh had been climbed 287 well known peaks including Mt Everest in 2011.

Indians had first time climbed Mt Makalu in 2009, when a team from Himalayan Mountaineering Institute reached the top and during that expedition one of the team members had died. Ghosh is also an adept photographer and takes pictures while climbing up, the minister said..


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