Brown sugar seized, 4 arrested

The Bengal Post

Darjeeling-With a rise seen in drugs abuse here, special raids are being conducted by the Darjeeling police with an awareness drive for people also on the cards so as to curb this social menace. On Saturday, four persons, allegedly drug pedlars, were arrested from different parts of the town with 13 gm of brown sugar.
“Acting on a tip-off, we raided two places on Saturday and managed to arrest four drug pedlars and also confiscate about 13 gm of brown sugar from them,” said Darjeeling police officer-in-charge L T Bhutia.
According to the police, the four arrested are Rajen Gurung of Happy Valley, Rakesh Thapa of Rajbari, Vikran Mukhia of Bhutia Bustee, and Jyoti Pradhan of Alubari. Two were arrested while coming from Siliguri with brown sugar at Dali while the other two were arrested in the town area. The four arrested are in the age group of 28 to 33 years.
The police said that the pedlars brought brown sugar from Siliguri at a price of Rs. 400 to Rs. 500 per gm and sold it here after separating a gram into eight to nine parts. Police said that one
part was sold for Rs 200. “There has been a rise of drug peddling and usage here and we want to control it for which the police alone are not enough. We need the help of the local people as well as it is the social fabric that is being affected by this. In the past, we have seen that it is the youngsters that are being affected by this the most with some of them also being students,” said Bhutia.
“We are now planning to hold an awareness drive by calling people from different localities here and together sort out a way as to what needs to be done. We also hope to get information from them as to whether their area is also affected by this problem,” he added.


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