Darjeeling civic body seeks central nod for projects

The Bengal Post
Reza Pradhan

DARJEELING-The Darjeeling Municipality is all set to send a host of projects to the central government for approval and have funds sanctioned for them.

According to the municipality, following talks with Union minister of state for municipal affairs Deepa Das Munshi, she has assured them of all possible help for the projects the documents of which would be sent to her soon.

“We have already spoken to Deepa Das Munshi in Delhi recently about the projects for which we need funds and she has promised to help us in whichever manner possible. We will now send the required paper work so that funds can be sanctioned for the projects,” said Amar Singh Rai, chairman of the municipality.

According to Rai, the required paper work of the three projects would be sent to the Centre among which is a project on better water distribution in the town area, solid waste management and liquid waste management.

“Earlier, the project of better water distribution in the town area had been approved by the government technically through the state municipal affairs department. But, due to the time lapse, the cost of the project also increased and it failed to take off. The earlier estimate for the project was Rs 156 crore. Later, when it started late, it shot up to Rs 192 crore,” said Rai.

The water distribution project, which was agreed upon by the state government in 2011 itself, included building water tanks in 35 places of the 32 wards that the municipality has here. The civic body had hoped that after the water tanks were set up in every ward, things like illegal connections would be automatically removed and henceforth they hoped to supply about 70 litres of water per head.

“The other two projects of solid waste management and liquid waste management have to be done properly. We had sent a proposal regarding this to the municipal affairs department which said that they do not have the money. They have, however, agreed to give us the no-objection certificate so that we can request the central government for funds,” said Rai.

The municipality said the solid waste management project has been estimated at Rs 40 crore and the liquid waste management at Rs 50-60 crore.


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