Rev.Father Joseph Murray Abraham , ‘Father of the Gorkhas’, no more…

Father Abraham

Rev.Father Joseph Murray Abraham , ‘Father of the Gorkhas’ was born on 26th. September 1925 .. .His birth place is known as Nova Sckotia, in Canada. His father’s name was Arther and mother Alice. During 1941 there was a great famine in Canada, which touched the heart of a young boy just 16 years of age. He came out from home and joined Society of Jesuit to serve the people. In the year 1948 Rev. Father J.M. Abraham S.J flew to India and joined the orphanage at St. Marry’s Hill, Kurseong as a teacher there he learned to speak Nepali language. In the year 1950 he joined St. Joseph’s College as a Prefect after some time he again came back to St. Mary’s college and studied Theology and in the year 1954 he became the priest and went back to St. Joseph’s College and served for two years. In the year 1958 he went to Hazari Bag stayed there for six months only and the remaining six months of 1958 he served as a Head Master at St. Robert’s High School, Darjeeling (Presently H.S. School) In the year 1959 he came to Kurseong again as a Head Master of St. Alphonsus’ High School (Presently H.S. School) that time the condition of the School Building was horrible. Rev. Father Abraham is the man who changed the face of the School Building (1962-1965 ) we can call the renaissances of the St. Alphonsus’ High School. I myself was the student of S.A.S during that time; we also used to carry stones for our School Building everyday for forty five minutes. To-day we also feel proud to call ourselves the students of Rev. Father J.M. Abraham S.J. In my Opinion “HE IS LIVING GANDHI OF THIS PRESENT ERA”Courtesy: Vinod Prakash Sharma













One thought on “Rev.Father Joseph Murray Abraham , ‘Father of the Gorkhas’, no more…

  1. Indeed a great loss …True Human …hardly found now a days! May Your Soul Rest In Peace..Father! Its huge loss!!!

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